HP1000 Emulation

The Kestrel Coprozessor from Strobe Data Inc. is a PCI slot card for industrial PCs for the emulation of several HP1000 computer models and their standard peripherals.

  • The coprocessor software runs on industrial PCs under various 32-bit Windows operating systems.
  • If a program requires precise adherence to the timing conditions on the original machine, the instruction timing or the speed of data transfers can be precisely adjusted.
  • The Kestrel coprocessors are available in several versions with different performances (Kestrel/SX, Kestrel/DX, Kestrel/QX).
  • If there is no suitable emulation available for a specific peripheral device, it can be connected to its original controller via a Legacy Interface Card. For such cases, we recommend the use of a special PC chassis with integrated HP1000 backplane.

You can find all the details here: Kestrel Summary (PDF)

If you use EQUIcons services you will have an experienced and reliable partner in the planning and implementation of the system migration and also for later support.

HP1000 Emulation

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