Carrier (Freight Forwarder) Sequences

Extensive knowledge and understanding of the sequences and areas of responsibility in a freight forwarder or transport company enable us to implement any task definitions. We also know the interaction, the requirements and sequences of tasks in the various areas of responsibility very well. Furthermore, our knowledge of the cooperation between freight forwarder and transport companies and their customers and clients in addition to our knowledge of management in freight forwarders companies, transport companies and subcontractors are all incorporated in our applications.

Carrier and Freight Forwarder Associations and Cooperation Systems

The specific problems of cooperation between carriers, freight forwarders and transport companies in freight forwarder associations and cooperation systems with different spatial and working organizational forms are extremely well known to us as a result of our long cooperation with customers from this sector. In this context it is not important which sector the client works in, which types of organization they have or how complex the processes within the cooperation are.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

The activities of customers and clients in various sectors means that a wide range of requirements on the IT solutions and IT services result.

Some examples of this are:

  • Foodstuffs sector - batch tracking required
  • Automotive sector - management of special loading equipment necessary

Using the appropriate sector-specific knowledge, it is possible to optimally implement the requirements of both customers and clients.

Special Legal Requirements

The requirements resulting from special legal requirements and outlying conditions, such as the transport of hazardous goods (ADR) on the IT solutions are well-known to us and will be considered and incorporated when creating programs and IT services.

Data Exchange

Since the exchange of order, production and transfer data nowadays plays a central role in automation and efficient design of processes, in-depth knowledge of the relevant data exchange formats and handling of the data exchange between dispatcher and freight forwarder, between freight forwarder and transport company and between freight forwarders companies themselves is of great importance. We are capable of providing data exchange at any interface. This is possible irrespective of the process used (communication routes such as (S)FTP, HTTP(S), EDI, ...) or the format (such as FORTRAS, EDIFACT, EDI, XML, CSV, ...).

Bookkeeping Knowledge

We offer tying-in of logistic software to corresponding bookkeeping systems (e.g. Sage or DATEV).

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