Visualisation of exposure data

A visual check of layout data shows whether electron beam exposure will be able to create the required geometry at the correct location on the substrate. In SBvis, all subsystems of the exposure unit are simulated which convert exposure data into commands for controlling the positioning systems and the shot generator during the exposure. On the screen, the same figures appear as they will appear on the substrate during the exposure.

SBvis includes a physical exposure simulation for predicting the location of figure edges and the defect susceptibility of critical areas. This often helps to avoid unnecessary exposures.

SBvis provides a wide range of tools for simple and rapid navigation through different geometries, and various representation types. SBvis plays a crucial role as a tool in the development of processes which are intended to increase the accuracy of exposure results.

Download: SBvis Product Description (PDF)

  • Timeframe: 1999 to present day
  • Platform: Linux, Windows, Qt
  • Language: C++

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