EQ-Sped.isa for GEL Express Logistik GmbH

GEL Express Logistik GmbH (GEL) uses GELISA - a customer-specific implementation of EQ-Sped.isa in order to offer GEL-Partner customers a facility for recording and managing direct shipment orders. As EQ-Sped.isa is a web application, all customers can be simply incorporated without GEL having to provide its own system for each partner. It is ensured that GELISA takes all the particularities of GEL into account so that GEL partners no longer have to do any reworking after recording the shipment orders. The customers also have the complete information about the shipment prices.

  • Timeframe: 2009 to present day
  • Platform: Java EE, Tomcat, Oracle
  • Language: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSP, Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL

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