User Interface

Workflows for any labware (microtitre plates, vials, petri dishes etc.) can be created and processed. A mixture of different labware is also possible.

Procedure Editor

In niceLAB, a workflow is depicted using a 2-dimensional arrangement of stations. In this context, a station corresponds to the use of a device at the corresponding location in the workflow. The device functions can be used in the stations. In niceLAB, a workflow is referred to as a procedure.

  • Any desired procedure can be defined by dragging and dropping stations and functions.
  • Parallel sequences (threads) can be defined through parallel arrangement of stations. All threads are processed independent of each other.
  • Parallel sequences can be synchronized using synchronization points.
  • Procedures can be conveniently parameterized through the use of variables.
  • Procedures can be exported and imported.
  • All procedures are saved in a database. This enables system-wide consistency of data for all procedures to be safeguarded with the pool of existing devices and their functions.
  • Procedures can be well-structured saved in folders.

Runtime Interface

Processing of a procedure can be controlled from an additional user interface. This contains only the information which is necessary for processing.

  • Variables which can be used during processing are set by entering values in the fields.
  • The status of all devices and of the system is displayed.

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