Detailed Registration of Transfer Information

You can compile all the relevant data from one transfer in a transparent structured matrix. Loading times, address data for specific documents or transfert positions (incl. quantity, weight etc.) and many other properties can be conveniently edited directly in the overview. The transfer prices (incl. tolls or surcharges) can be manually compiled or taken directly from a prepared condition dataset. Prices taken over can be edited subsequently. The cargo handling equipment necessary for a transfer is automatically booked from your cargo handling account.

Controlled Order Processing

If a transfer dataset has, for example, been provided with hazardous goods information, additional documents, cash on delivery or notification information, the person carrying out the processing is made aware of this in the main mask. The processing status of a transfer is identified in color, and operations can be allocated to specified employees in the case of predetermined workflows.

Incorporation of Distance Tables

On request, we can offer interfaces to a range of distance tables to enable simple distance determination. If nothing is available we would be pleased to provide a new tie-in to the distance tables you use yourselves. Please contact us if this is required.

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