ePLACE - Software for Data Preparation in Electron Beam Lithography

What is Electron Beam Lithography?

An electron beam is used to generate patterns on the surface of wafers, masks or other flat substrates. This is an important process step in the manufacture of semiconductor chips and optical elements such as holograms or microscopic lenses.

Data Preparation with ePLACE

Starting point is defining and generating the layout to be exposed onto the substrate. This layout then needs to be fractured to trapezoids and converted into the electron beam writer specific file format. ePLACE layout processing capabilities include

  • Boolean operations
  • Shifting and scaling.

ePLACE also provides the following features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Large data support due to efficient distributed processing across hundreds of CPUs
  • An integrated proximity effect correction and physical simulations
  • Powerful visualization functions

Download: ePLACE Flyer (PDF)

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