Self-Integration with niceLAB

niceLAB makes it possible for you to set up systems yourself without an integrator.

Step 1: Selection of Device

  • Select the devices required for your application.
  • Any device with a SiLA interface can be used.
  • Later replacement of devices is possible without problems.

Step 2: Mechanical Integration

  • Integrate the devices mechanically or electrically yourself, or have this carried out by a specialist.
  • When using suitable components (e.g. collaborative robots) you may not need safety-related facility under some circumstances.

Step 3: Device Integration in niceLAB

  • You can integrate the device in niceLAB using the niceLAB Device Integration Tool.
  • Software development is not necessary for this purpose.
  • If the device vendor provides the SiLA interface in advance, you can perform the niceLAB software integration in advance, before the hardware is installed. You can then simulate parts or the entire assay in niceLAB, which enables you to check your concept.

Step 4: Generating and Processing the Workflow

  • You can generate the workflow which corresponds to your assay conveniently in the niceLAB GUI.
  • Now start the workflow.

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