EQUIcon and SiLA

The SiLA consortium (Association Consortium Standardization in Lab Automation ) is a consortium of companies who have made it their aim to develop standards in the laboratory automation sector.

  • EQUIcon has been a member of the SiLA Consortium since 2008.
  • Right from the beginning, EQUIcon has actively participated in the development of the first SiLA standard (SiLA Device Control & Data Interface Specification, DCDIS).
  • Parallel to the development of the standard, EQUIcon implemented the standard as proof of concept in SiLA device drivers and the Process Management System (PMS) niceLAB. This meant that initial implementations were available when the standard was published.
  • Based on these implementations, initial projects in which the entire system is controlled on the basis of SiLA interfaces were implemented. The experience gained in this context was incorporated in further development of the standard.
  • EQUIcon is currently participating in the development of further SiLA standards (Data Capture, PMS, Certification).
  • EQUIcon also actively participates in events within the SiLA community (joint stand during trade fairs, live demos, SiLA conferences).

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